Arroyo Disc Sports






        Here at Arroyo Disc Sports, we have a vision to grow and better the image of our sport.  We believe that disc golf is a medium for good health, positive life values, environmental awareness and building community.   Disc golf is a low impact and economical sport that can be enjoyed by players of any age and athleticism ~ accessible, as co-founder Kevin Huver says, "from conscious thought until you can't walk".  As a potential 'life sport', disc golf teaches work ethic, focus, concentration, and to stay physically active.  All the while, the variety and beauty of courses brings players to where they can experience and appreciate different natural environments.

       Our business goal is to assist in growing disc golf up from its grassroots status and any negative stereotypes into a more nationally and internationally appreciated sport.  We see disc golf reaching new heights to spread its positive values, and believe that these values, both for the individual and their participation in the community and outdoors, embodies more of what the world needs now.             

This is why we carefully design and create products that bring a new level of professionalism to the sport.  


Arroyo Disc Sport's flagship product: The Vortex basket            

         After playing hundreds of courses combined, the first glaring issue we set out to solve was the overwhelming lack of consistency in disc golf targets.  Despite drastic improvements in disc technology over the past few decades, it seemed basket design had been left in the dust.  As a company based on our vision of change and principles of honesty, integrity, awareness, community and sustainability, it came naturally that we tackle the difficult, controversial task of redeveloping a disc golf basket for the modern age. We took apart baskets, studied them, and began work on what would become a year-and-half-long obsession.  After countless design tweaks and sleepless nights, The Vortex was born.

         All materials that go into our Vortex baskets are created by small businesses in the Midwest.  Each Vortex is handcrafted and hand inspected at our manufacturing facility in Michigan. With our high standards in product development, you are guaranteed a 100% American-made product that outperforms all competition.  We believe, through example, in promoting small businesses in America

         Arroyo Disc Sports was founded on the idea of teamwork and being a company for the people. We seek to promote positive values by remaining on the cutting edge of the promotion, growth, and development of disc golf.  ADS is a member of the 1% for the Planet non-profit collective of companies, and donates one percent of its annual sales to charities dedicated to the awareness and preservation of our nation’s natural beauty.